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Johns Hopkins at Keswick complex at 3910 Keswick Road, Suite N-2600, Baltimore 21211.

Getting to us

Best way to come in is to look for the intersection of Keswick Road and Craycombe Avenue (along Keswick between 37th and 38th streets). Right across from that intersection is an entrance to the Johns Hopkins at Keswick facility. Take that entrance and then turn right to go uphill. At the top of the hill, you’ll sweep left and then you can turn left into a parking area. Look for the visitor spaces.

Once you're here

After you park, come into the South Building and check in with the security desk. When you sign in, be sure to include the make, model and tag number of your car so that you don’t get ticketed in the visitor spaces. Say that you’re coming to the Office of Communications. The security desk will get you going in the right direction.