Connecting Johns Hopkins Experts to the World

The world’s most prestigious news outlets turn to Johns Hopkins experts for insight on the day’s top stories and trends. The video and audio studio provides newsmakers with a live, digital link to television and radio networks across the globe.

For news media

  • Live and recorded HDTV interviews via the Vyvx fiber network
  • Live and recorded radio interviews via dedicated ISDN lines
  • Internet streaming

The studio is available for guests affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and all other Johns Hopkins entities. There is no fee for studio services. Media outlets are responsible for Vyvx booking and associated costs. Book the studio.

For Johns Hopkins Affiliates

The studio is a versatile, professional video and audio production space available free of charge. Facilities include:

  • An 800-square-foot video production area with LED lighting grid
  • An oversized floor to ceiling chroma key wall
  • An 80-inch LED media wall with custom digital backdrops
  • A soundproof audio recording booth with broadcast-quality microphones

Check availability or learn more.

Contact us

Book the studio online or send email to

Technical Hotline: 443-805-5320

How to find us

The studio is located at the Johns Hopkins at Keswick campus in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood. Directions and parking

Technical information

Studio Hotline: 443-805-5320


  • 3910 Keswick Rd N-2600
    Baltimore, MD 21201
  • Circuit ID: 38TBGS010007MD
  • Feed Format: HD-SDI 1080i
  • IFB: 443-997-3053
  • PL: 443-805-5320


  • Spids: 410-467-0260, 410-467-0261
  • Circuit ID: 38IBZD.116061.MD
  • Codec: Mpeg Layer 2, 128 kbps, stereo (Alternate codecs are available by request.)
  • PL/Technical: 443-805-5320