Brand Guidelines

The Johns Hopkins University Brand Guidelines are meant to facilitate best practices, to help individuals present their communications in a way that reflects positively on the university, and to provide answers to common questions.

Johns Hopkins is a large, complex organization engaged in a variety of research and educational activities every day. We can’t address every “what if” in one document, but we welcome your questions. Please reach out to your divisional marketing and communications office or contact us.


The Johns Hopkins Trademark Licensing Program helps protect and promote our brand by ensuring that the public can properly identify and associate the university’s name and logos with officially licensed products that have been approved by the university. The university requires that all members of the university community (faculty, students, staff, and alumni), as well as all external manufacturers and vendors, obtain approval before producing any product that displays the Johns Hopkins name or logos.

Use of Name

These Johns Hopkins University Use of Name guidelines apply to all schools and divisions of the Johns Hopkins University (including the School of Medicine, except where a conflict exists, in which case the Johns Hopkins Medicine Use of Name guidelines prevail), and are intended to clarify JHU’s institutional principles, standards, and guidelines concerning use of the JHU name, its constituent school and division names, and any of their respective abbreviations (i.e., “Hopkins,” “JHU,” “Carey”) and the associated JHU logos, trademarks, insignias, and icons (together referred to as “Name and Marks” or “JHU Name and Marks”).