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The writers and editors in University Communications work with partners from across the university to share news, information, and compelling stories with readers in the Johns Hopkins community and beyond.

Our team can assign a writer to work with you directly or amplify content that you create yourself. 

Our core publications 

The Hub
The Hub

We created the Hub to be the news center for all this diverse, decentralized activity, a place where you can see what’s new, what’s important, what Johns Hopkins is up to that’s worth sharing.

Typing on a laptop
Hub at Work

This resource-packed section of the Hub website is dedicated to the everyday needs and interests of everyone who works at Johns Hopkins University.

Johns Hopkins Magazine
Johns Hopkins Magazine

Johns Hopkins Magazine was conceived to give readers intellectual nourishment, and over the years has featured thought-provoking and sometimes controversial articles on topics ranging from particle physics to student unrest.


We also compile email newsletters that are sent periodically to Hopkins faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Story idea?

If you have an idea for a story that you want to share, or something you think the Hopkins community should know about, fill out our brief online story submission form, email us, or contact a member of our team. 

Featured coverage

Cartoon illustration of a gun with printed with an old-fashioned ink dot-matrix used in comic strips
Fact vs. Fiction
Debunking myths about gun violence
Published June 13, 2022
Evidence-based solutions to gun violence in America have been shrouded by misinformation and political spin. But experts from Johns Hopkins are setting the record straight.
A black and white illustration of birds flying out of the right side of a COVID-19 virus cell
What does ‘it’s over’ look like?
Published Feb 21, 2022
Johns Hopkins University public health experts offer insights into what will signal that SARS-CoV-2 is moving from pandemic to endemic

Meet the content team 

Dave Alexander 
Content Director 

Jeanette Der Bedrosian 
Associate Editor, Johns Hopkins Magazine 

Emily Gaines Buchler
Senior Writer

Claire Goudreau
Strategic Content Specialist

Brennen Jensen 
Senior Writer 

Amy Lunday 
Managing Editor 

Lois Perschetz 
Editor, Hub at Work 

Greg Rienzi 
Editor, Johns Hopkins Magazine 

Ann Stiller 
Copy Editor