Social media is where the Johns Hopkins University brand, community, and campuses come together over photos, videos, news, memes, and more. Our team provides guidance to partners across Johns Hopkins University and Medicine on how to grow their social media presence. 

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We help with

  • Channel and content strategy 
  • Organic and paid campaigns 
  • User-generated content 
  • Social media accessibility 
  • Optimizing graphics and video for social media 
  • Tools for social media management, graphic design, and video editing 
  • Audience engagement 
  • Crisis response 
  • Professional branding 
  • Cross-departmental networking 

Do you manage a social media account for a department or division within Johns Hopkins University and Medicine? Join our internal community of social media practitioners. In addition to our Slack workspace and social media manager directory, we hold regular meetups (mostly virtual) to keep up on best practices, share strategies, plan for upcoming milestones, and generally help each other do our best work.