The media relations team strives to make sure journalists worldwide know about newsworthy work happening at the university and the wealth of expertise available here to enrich their coverage. 

We connect with journalists seeking resources and reach out to them regularly with news releases, advisories, and story ideas.  

If you have possible news, reach our team on the Media Contacts page, at, or directly. 

Featured coverage

Burrito Tape
From the Today Show
Johns Hopkins students develop edible tape to make burritos easier to eat

Engineering seniors came together and decided to solve one of life’s most frustrating problems: preventing a burrito from unraveling and making a mess.

Perception researchers Jason Fischer and Sarah Cormiea
From the Baltimore Sun
Why we’re crazy for pumpkin spice everything

Perception researchers Jason Fischer and Sarah Cormiea explain how it’s the scent that triggers autumnal memories and leaves us reaching for our wallets

Meet the team 

Jill Rosen 
Director of Media Relations